Catedral Santiago Compostela

outside portugal’s borders, but around an hour’s trip away, given its historical and patrimonial relevance, we lively recommend a visit to this magnificent monument.

the romanic style cathedral of santiago de compostela belongs to the archdiocese of the same name. built between the years 1075 and 1128, during the christian reconquista in the crusades period. it’s sited at the city’s historical centre, which in turn is located in the centre of the corunha province in galicia. it’s a millennial european centre of christian pilgrimage and was a determining factor for putting spain in the medieval circles thanks to the so called caminho de santiago (path to santiago), dedicated to james, son of zebedee, current patron and protector of the kingdom of spain. 42º 52’ 50’’ north  |  08º 32’ 38’’ west