Environmental Policy

the environment and the natural settings where we are localized is our best business card, so its preservation is obviously one our major concerns.

because we are aware of the need to convey our small contribution in favor of a bigger cause, like a drop of water to the sea that belongs to all of us, our environmental policy includes the following measures:

- whenever possible, all food products consumed in our facilities are preferably of biological origin;

- all garbage is separated (paper, cardboard, plastics, glass and other residential waste);

- the water used for irrigating the garden, filling the pool, and toilet flush comes from a natural water spring, of which we are one of the owners;

- the water is heated, preferably, with the use of solar hot water panels, which is done exclusively from april through september, thus relegating the use of fossil energy to second plan;

- in the bathrooms, the clients are asked to follow the rules that leverage water saving, and reuse of towels.